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Nick Spies

Nick Spies


Our passion is people, without this it is difficult to find matches between jobs, people and companies. No matter how large or small the company, usually it all comes down to what people do, can do and want to do. We have a passion for the offshore and maritime industrie at large and its people working in these industries. By which we mean; not only at seas or offshore jobs, but as well on shore jobs and projects for those companies which require personnel at their headquarters/wharfs/docks onshore. This passion is gained due to our own personal sea going experience and maritime and offshore HR related experience. This makes it easy for us to talk and communicate on each level within these industries. We speak the language sort to say.

Our core values

Honest & Transparent

We work to the ’fair price for fair work’ principle. We believe trust is the foundation of every successful working relationship which is why we work in an honest and transparent way with our candidates, employees, contractors and clients alike.

No nonsense

What you see is what you get!
We prefer a swift and simple approach, with the aim of creating long-term relationships.

Passion for people

We are a workforce management organisation and we put our people first. We have a bond with our people in order to ensure their safety, wellbeing and expectations are met. This is why at BlueStar you can count on the right people in the right place every time.

Innovative service & project partner

BlueStar team has more than 30 years of experience working in the Offshore Industry. We support offshore newbuild-, refit-, installation projects and provide Maintenance Services on offshore facilities and related vessels. We work with a dedicated team of experienced and skilled professionals.

Our experience

  • Power generation & distribution, electrical systems and electrical installation
  • Transport & installation
  • Tensioning and bolting
  • Rigging and heavy lifting
  • Renewables